Welcome IRHS World Issues students. As part of your Economics mini-unit you will be required to populate this wiki space with suitable content related to the International Debt Crisis. In effect you will become both teacher and learner and create the virtual textbook for the topic.

Let's start with your tasks:

  1. Pay careful attention to the economics lessons given in class. The_Coming_First_World_Debt_Crisis.jpg
  2. Arrange yourselves in groups of no fewer than four and no more than five students.
  3. Select a topic from the list below - one topic per group.
  4. Research your topic and answer the following questions: What is it? When was it initiated or what was the event that initiated it? What issues was it created to solve? What are the outcomes (use specific examples).
  5. Create one wiki page which answers all of the questions above. Differentiate your wiki page from the other groups and from other wikis in general. You should add links where appropriate and any other elements which make your page effective. Record all of your sources in proper MLA format (see Easybib or Bibme.org) at the very bottom.
  6. Comment on at least three other topics.
  7. "Present" your wiki page in class and complete your project by adding final comments as to effectiveness of the organization you researched.
  8. Topics:
  • Bretton Woods
  • 1973 Oil Crisis (affect on debt) MG
  • WTO MG
  • World Bank MG
  • International Monetary Fund MG
  • SAPs MG
  • PRSPs AM
  • Debt Relief Strategies overview AM
  • Asian Financial Crisis 1997-98 AM
  • Latin American Experience
  • African Experience MG
  • Odious Debt AM
  • Sovereign Debt AM
  • Debt Swap AM
  • HIPC Initiative
  • Sub-prime Credit Crisis AM

Evaluation Rubric:

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
*Thorough research on topic

*Comments on wikis thoughtful and insightful

*Linked problems and solutions with critical analysis

*Wiki easy to follow and technical aspects dealt with well